Farmer Turned Down By Government Because of His “Offensive” Address

Georgia cattle farmer Gene King has always been someone who likes to get things done. Of course, he thought he had dotted all of his i’s and crossed all of his t’s when he applied for a special opportunity from Uncle Sam. However, unfortunately, things didn’t go well with his application for one very odd reason: you see, Mr. King has an address that the federal government deems to be too offensive for him to get his special permit. You see, Mr. King wasn’t initially able to get a special interstate transport license because his town made the individual reviewing the application blush and they slapped down the reject stamp. 


You see, Gene King is a proud resident of Gay, Georgia. And no, the name doesn’t mean what you think it means. Frankly, that’s probably why Mr. King doesn’t have a problem with living in Gay and doesn’t think you need to have a problem either living in it or visiting it either. 


For your information, Gay, GA got its name because it was named after a former postmaster named William F. Gay who lived in the remote area in the 1880s. Even though the name only has just over 80 residents as of the 2010 census, and is in Meriwether County, Georgia, it certainly wasn’t meant to contain a description for someone’s sexual orientation. Of course, for a time the town was also called “Sasserville”, so it’s possible that there is more history to this than one might think. However, Gene King will still defend his tiny little hamlet. 


“Nobody has a problem with being in Gay, Georgia,” King said in an interview. 


“I don’t have a problem living in the town. But apparently, the USDA has a big problem with Gay, Georgia.” 


Of course, there is no question that Mr. King is proud to be a Gay farmer, but he definitely will be the first to admit that it can be funny to explain to others just where he comes from. However, things certainly got serious when he couldn’t get his special ID, called a Premises Number, because of the name of his hometown. He was pretty crestfallen, to say the least. 


“The reviewer said that the automated system keeps kicking it out because the name is an offensive word and it simply won’t accept my application because of that one word,” King said. It seems that the USDA has banned the word “Gay” on all of their applications, and no, they won’t make an exception for King even though he has tried to ask. The officials at the USDA even requested that King should lie on the application and simply say he lives in “Bay, GA” instead of “Gay, GA”! 


“I said no, I wouldn’t submit it as Bay instead of Gay. I want to tell the truth and keep it as Gay, Georgia,” Gene King said. “After all, that’s where I live. However, she said, do you want a number or not?” King added when he recalled his conversation with the government employee. 


Of course, the USDA thought they should do some damage control in regards to Mr. King’s predicament, so they issued the following statement: 


“This premises allocation number was originally developed in the early 2000s to be used for the National Animal Identification System. At the time, we had limited technology available, and the program was also fairly contentious. IT developers were a bit disturbed about the possibility of pranksters creating “bad” premises IDs as a way to show there is a problem with the program or the IT systems. Thus, they created a word database of several examples that had bad connotations that would never be allowed in this system.” 


Of course, this all begs the question, what are they going to do with Gene King’s application? Is he going to have to move his farm to somewhere that isn’t Gay (no pun intended)? Should he have to at all? Have your say below!

74 thoughts on “Farmer Turned Down By Government Because of His “Offensive” Address

  1. I think the USDA should get their collective heads out of their collective asses and use some common sense for a change.

  2. Thats where he lives.! Thats the name! Get real people, you can’t go around being offended by everythingv you misinterpret when the name is what it is. Ridiculous, it was probably a democ rat who turned him down.

  3. Gay is also a woman’s name! My Aunt Gay would be VERY OFFENDED, to hear her name used in describing a homosexual. You see, in America, there is an old saying… “sticks and stones may break my bones, but WORDS will never hurt me”. It was true hundreds of years ago, and is still true today. What IS hurting America, is this phrase called “political correctness”, which means nothing but a try on the part of the progressive party in America to control our speech, which goes against the 1st Amendment. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BEING “POLITICALLY” CORRECT. It is made up. Cutting words out of the English language is a direct shot at our 1st Amendment rights, and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO EDUCATE THEMSELVES, AND QUIT ACTING LIKE BABIES, AND GROW UP!

  4. This PC shit has got to go! I for one am sick of it and I refuse to follow the guide lines. A man is a man and a woman is a woman and that’s all there is to it. There are lots of peculiar named towns in the USA and this town is no different.

  5. Talk about govornment stupidity. I wonder if the post office computer allows this town in its base.

  6. Not his fault the town is named Gay. That used to mean happy back in the 60s before it was convuluted by smelly hippies, antiwar protestors, and any kind of pre-Burn, Loot, Murder Commie activist of today that hated this country at the time and they still do. So the gov’t wants him to lie instead of fixing their own incompetent computer program. That’s ridiculous! But I bet ya if it was a BLM member (Burn, Loot, Murder) they would bend over backwards take the BBC up the arse dry and thank them and then change it.

  7. SUE the USDA for discrimination based on the sexual orientation of the town’s name. Not just to gain his license, but to punish those who would not correct the problem by having them terminated from the USDA and ineligible for any federal employment or government contractor employment, plus a few million for punitive damages on top of any actual damages. It is the only way to teach government bureaucrats the object lesson of being public employees being paid by the taxpayers of this nation.

  8. Government stupidity they need to have a waver policy and do the darn thing manually. Redicules that they suggested he lie on the application!

  9. Gay used to mean happy! Roy Rogers had a movie called “The Gay Ranchero.” Wasn’t there a writer named Gay Talese? Gay was a good word before the left got a hold of it. I wish they would leave my language alone.

  10. I wonder what would happen to a descendant of the postmaster who applied for a permit under the name of Mr. GAY living at the GAY Ranch on GAY Rd. in GAY, GA?

  11. An example of the LGBT has done to our society. Gay was to be happy and a rainbow was a sign the storm was over and the sun out. We have a friend that lives in New Zealand, her name is Gay. She has to be specific when introducing herself. She simply can’t say “am Gay”, she has to say “my name is Gay”.

  12. Mr. King, file a lawsuit against the USDA. And when you win file for reimbursement for legal expenses.

  13. A bureaucratic excuse. All it takes is one person with a pen to override the computer nonsense.

  14. With all the IT specialist that are on the government’s payroll, I would think that maybe just one would be smart enough to go in to the program and correct the bug. Make it accept Gay if Georgia is the listed state. What is so difficult about this. Mr.King should get a lawyer and sue the USDA for discrimination because he is a Gay Farmer.

  15. If he were to use ‘Gaay’ or ‘Gaya’ the permit possibly would have worked. However, that would be kowtowing to the ‘system’. We no longer have 1st amendment rights as they have been supplanted by P.C. – one has to speak what the mob wants even though appeasement doesn’t work because the ‘goalposts’ keep changing locations.

  16. It’s a Legal Address the Clerk is Being Bigoted . That’s against the 1st Amendment. That’s against the Constitution. The Farmer should Sue the Clerk & USDA.

  17. Thanks for the education, I didn’t know that the word gay was now considered offensive Why don’t we just throw away the dictionary and make up a new language. Even the queers identify themselves as gay. I speak in the language I was brought up with, english. I do not go out of my way to offend anybody but if someone takes offense at the way I use the language it’s their problem not mine. Starting now, all students in junior high school should be mandated to read and study the dictionary so they can use the words as they were meant and not have to live in fear of the political correctness police. GOD Bless America let freedom ring along with sanity and common sense !!!!

  18. The solution is simple just eliminate the entire USDA, as being irrelevant to anyone with an IQ that exceeds room temperature and a fraid to tax payers, one we cannot tolerate or allow to exist.

    1. Right?! What a bunch of idiots. I would suggest a manual override, but then, some other fool would ruin that poor someone’s life over it. Looks like each state needs to secede, form a new union relationship.

  19. If the government was in charge of the desert there would be A SHORTAGE OF SAND!!
    I wonder how the homosexual community views the govt calling the word ‘gay’ offensive.
    I know a Maj. E. Gay, U.S.A.F. RET. Would they let the system kick out his last name?
    What about ‘Enola Gay”, that was Gen. Paul Tibbets mother!
    These people are idiots, God save us from Govt. Bureaucracy!

  20. If those government agents were not so ignorant they would know that “gay” means happy and has nothing to do with sexual orientation furthermore in this case it is a family name. Obviously you do not have to be very bright to work for the government.

    1. Exactly! The Christmas song, which states, “Don we now our gay apparel”, is not about homosexual people dancing around a Christmas tree! It means happy or joyous.

    2. Sounds like we still have too many Obama like employees in the government. Trump has had 4 years and he still hasn’t got rid of these politically correct, identity politics scumbags. For Gods sakes it’s a city name. Has no sexual connotation. It’s a city. I think Trump needs to step in and tell them to issue it pronto and change the left wing programming.

  21. Wonder what they would do with Hell, Michigan. This sounds like the start of a very sick joke. I am old enough to remember when Gay meant something nice and not sick and perverted.

  22. Good thing he doesn’t live in Fucking, Austria. That town was named after a person, also. Of course, the people who live there don’t understand why English-speaking tourists come there by the thousands just to take pictures of their town’s name sign on the highway.

  23. The PC police are getting way out of hand and could use a little bit of gayness in their lives as they keep trying to take our freedoms away. Gay has many meanings besides the one relating to sexual orientation. It is a first name as in Gay Harding, a last name as mentioned above and being happy. Get over it and grow up. Not everything is bigotry and racism.

  24. This is foolish, but typical, interference by the government. It would be easy enough to have the system autofill the city and state off of official registers by simply entering the zip code, or basing it off of an official US register. Instead, they feel that they need to cater to the PC climate and ban words they deem offensive. What country is this again that we live in? People need to grow a spine!

  25. “Gay” meaning “homosexual” is an unfortunate misappropriation of a legitimate word. Those bureaucrats need to get a dictionary and read it.

  26. I bet the thin-skinned Liberal PC police will sue to get the word “Gay” removed from the dictionary, the Internet, etc., etc., etc. Will this absurdity never end????

    I went to school with a guy whose last name was Gay. I wonder if he’s been sued and forced to change his legal, multi-generation last name????

  27. The town really exists. I’ve been thru it hundreds of times. If it didn’t exist how did the post office get a zip code ? Easy enough to check out, but not for a federal government employee.

  28. Well they fly the gay flag in the government buildings but can’t say the word gay on a application ? Sounds like the gay community needs to look into this . That’s racists that they can’t say the word gay on mr kings application when it is the real name of the town he lives in . Double standard here . Are they saying their now racists to gay men ? Our government it’s best .

  29. The late singer named Marvin Gay would have had a hard time if he happened to be born, live in Gay, Georgia
    of the county of Meriwether, Georgia. He was probably denied driver license, etc., and other else.

  30. Simply list the address as Meriwether, GA which is technically correct since that is the county.

  31. Why doesn’t he just use the name Sasserville, since it was called that for a short time. That is still a legitimate name for the town. I am not trying to make excuses for the government, since part of it is extremely corrupt.
    That would make a lot more sense than fighting with them.

  32. He could have called it “Sasserville” and had no problem. He is just trying to force something through. Assuming this is not a fake news story.

    1. At all levels of government about 90 % are corrupt and incompetent. In the private sector they would be fired.

  33. So what this story is saying that these federal employees are ex or future congressional employees as they are already suborning perjury by suggesting that Mr. King perjure himself just to get along just like the rest of the DEEP STATE…..

  34. Just one more example of the death of Common sense, traditional values , faith and your right to believe as you wish and the political correctness if the Establishment Thuggery in Washington, D.C. which was a true, festering swamp of the Oligarchy of the politically powerful and prevaricating privileged career parasites of whom it can be unequivocally stated that they are ONLY into self-aggrandizing schemes to enhance personal party agendas and political ambition and ALWAYS at our expense and tour eternal detriment. Forget JUSTICE; there is NO EQUITABLE JUSTICE IN THIS SEDITIONIZED NATION OF NIT WITS AND Pavlovian conditioned autobots incapable of independent thought after decades of UNIONIZED teachers and professors which was NEVER allowed prior to its authorization by Richard Nixon in 1969. Such interludes as this are commonplace because of it so, either get used to oppression or prepare for the coming day of reckoning when REAL Americans will have finally had enough and revolt; and in a nation of 30 million veterans, that is all but inevitable: especially after thousands of them are homeless and the funding for them to rehab or get what they need to heal is denied to them and given to foreign felons, Their honorable service means NOTHING to Government or the lunatic left.When that day comes, I hope to see of the Revenge of the vets and would be part of it but for my 100% disability from Agent Orange used on ALL of us who served there in Vietnam and in the years since, has caused the deaths of 10 ties the number of KIA’s in the whole Vietnam War. Remember that and the FACT it was Democrats who expanded the War and authorized the use of Dioxin n human beings and that their pitiful performance record ever since, should be enough to convince any intelligent voter to NEVER vote for one of them ; EVER! But then, I am admittedly prejudiced, having a degree in Government for 53 years and 2 of those as a staff member at the Former Walter Reed Army Medical Center, then in ’69 n Georgia ave, NW. in Washington, D.C. and was enlightened enough to have followed that advice for the last 50 year and more!

  35. USDA sent someone to my warehouse to register with the USDA. I bought and sold items like pickles, american cheese, potato salad, mac salad, cole slaw. We bought and sold the stuff within days, and our temps were constantly recorded and posted for any inspector who dropped in. The turnover was as fast as we could get it in and out the door. We prided ourselves on how fresh our product was from the factory.
    We also had someone’s line of fresh salads like Tuna Salad, Shrimp salad, olive salad, bean salad, etc. We bought from a USDA supervised small factory. We were licensed to carry these foods by the town ( $ ) county ( $ ) and state ( $ ) with accompanying permit fees. We never opened or manufactured any product. The USDA sent a woman, who was from China originally, who went by the book. On one point, she adamantly stuck by her book that we needed a “manual” a plan, on how we handled and manufactured our tuna and seafood and shrimp salad. Where are your sinks to wash the dishes and pots??? Where are your cleaning supplies and separate rooms to handle the raw product? Ugh…..WHAT????
    Weeks and weeks went by and she wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t let us off the hook for this. So….I ended up making up something from a template she gave me. It was all fabricated, but finally avoided being shut down for something that the USDA didn’t have any concept of, or answer for ( I did seek help from her superiors who were of no help whatsoever) We were middlemen who bought in bulk and sold in smaller quantities. Stupid stupid stupid was the USDA. I feel your pain Mr King!

  36. The Government thought this man was a criminal sexual pedophile because the name of the town was Gay Georgia. They denied him the USDA permit because they thought this is a town of sex criminals of the LGTBQ community also trafficking in human sex trade. This shows that those in the Government USDA Department have MR/DD developmental disabled people working their without an education who should instead be working menial labor job. A common sense Governmental worker with average intelligence should look at the farmers operation to determine permit eligibility.

  37. Typical Government worker. “IF”they had any brains, they could make changes to the program.

  38. This just shows how stupid being politically correct has become. I know people who have first name GAY and last names. God help us what name well be taken out of contents next. Give this guy his IDs

  39. Imagine being a man named Gay? I know of at least one.

    Now imagine applying for government health care.

    This is why the Founders created a limited government. What ever happened to that idea?

  40. Doesn’t seem that the folks at the post offce have a problem with the name of this tiny town. Appears tht it’s had the namesince long before the word nad a negatice connotation.

  41. It is a bigoted Government program we are told their is nothing wrong with being Gay so why can’t you live there. Come on LGBT….. community raise up! Help the citizens of Gay!

  42. I find it very offensive that the homosexual community has co-opted a perfectly good word and debased it to mean a perverse life style. Call the homosexuals what they really are and leave the lighthearted, free word “gay” where it has traditionally belonged. Those perverts can kiss my tauchess as I will not sanitize their disgusting lifestyle by misappropriating and bastardizing a legitimate word.

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