New Bride Uploads a Photo of Her Wedding Ring, But Its Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

When a bride receives their engagement ring, what is the first thing that most of them do? That’s right, the great majority will almost automatically snap a picture of it and share with the world on social media. However, when one American woman did this, the photo quickly went viral, and not for a good reason either. Unfortunately, this woman was the victim of a Facebook ring shaming group, and needless to say the people in this group would give the woman from the movie “Mean Girls” a real run for their money. It wasn’t so much about the ring, either. Here are some of these nasty individuals and their comments.


First of all, the photo in question went viral on a Facebook group called, “That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming” and like I said, most of these people thought the ring was fine. Their main problem then? They thought the ring was on some fingers that had some very nasty-looking nails, to say the least. Naturally, this forum normally will shame people for having strange, bizarre, or gaudy-looking rings, but not this time. This particular ring-shaming victim was slammed because these social media warriors thought she had a poor lack of nail hygiene. 


Of course, the person who shared this photo wanted everyone to know that this wasn’t her own pic. “This isn’t my pic, but wowwee!” she exclaimed. 


Naturally, the comments started cascading like a waterfall, as most of the individuals in this group felt that the unnamed bride-to-be had some of the dirtiest fingernails they had seen all year long. I mean heaven forbid that this bride-to-be was engaged in some other activity and forgot to scrape her nails off before snapping the photo! If anyone was prone to forget about it, the viewers of the picture wanted to make sure that everyone was fully aware of just how disgusting this newly-engaged woman truly was in their opinion. 


Most of the comments were from people who reacted with mock fright and horror: 


“Oh my gawd!” someone wrote. “I just threw up in my mouth a little when I saw those disease-ridden, hideous, bacteria-laden nails!” 


“I’m not sure why they couldn’t have cleaned out their nails for this,” another person wrote. “The ring is so clunky and we have a bunch of bacteria in our eyes as well!” 


“Oh my god,” came another comment, “You should clean out those nasty nails. I totally gagged.” 


“Uh, no. Can’t. Nope. So awful. So gross. Why people? Just why? How could you not catch that nail bacteria mess when you posted that monstrous ring? Put bleach and a toothbrush on it right now.”


“Her nails are in the middle of a yeast infection.” 

“I can’t even look at the ring. All I see is those terrible nails.” 


“This has to be a setup,” another person wrote. “I know we aren’t supposed to discuss anything but the ring itself, but good lawd! Are those nails keeping a snack for later, or what?” 


Of course, you have to realize that this group has at least 24,000 members in it, so naturally, there are going to be some slamming comments. Here are some more: 


“UGH! What’s that living under her nails?” one person wrote. 


“I didn’t notice the ring that much, but I can’t get over how terrible those nails are,” another person said. 


What would you do if you had a friend or bride with nails that looked like that? Would you let them know about the issue or just leave it alone? Share your comments below!

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  1. These snarky women really need to get out of daddy’s basement and get a life. Really, what a bunch of self absorbed, shallow idiots.

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