When I Found Out How Much This Woman Made From Welfare, I Was Totally Floored

Welfare is an important program in our society because it helps poverty-stricken people or those who have fallen on hard times to get back on their feet. However, when welfare is misused, this is called fraud. While not all welfare fraud cases can be prosecuted, there are some that are so blatant that they warrant repercussions. Here is one case in point:

Consider one Sabrina Strothers, who after looking at her life story you will realize that she is the very definition of a welfare queen. Simply put, this Pittsburgh native (read: con artist) pulled-off one of the worst cases of welfare fraud, dating all the way back to 2008. She claimed that she had triplets in 2008, however there was one small problem.

Her “triplets” were named Tomalyia, Tyreik, and Thomas, and this made her eligible for welfare support. This gave her the ability to collect checks each month to support her family, but it turns out it was all one giant lie.

Here’s where the story gets even better.

Although Sabina Strothers was finally turned in by one of her cousins, the investigators determined that her “children” actually did have social security numbers, but they indicated that these “kids” were born in 1887, 1945, and 1960. She’s either a true-life vampire, or she’s a con-artist welfare queen! (Hint: it’s definitely the latter)

After her cousin’s tip, she was prompted contacted by the inspector general, and she claimed that the reason her “triplets” weren’t with her is because they were with their father in Georgia. However, she couldn’t provide an address or phone number, so she was booked with charges of forgery, making false statements, and fraud by deception. Luckily, no actual kids were involved with this criminal’s activities, because chances are, she would have just kept the checks and neglected them completely!

Seriously, this woman collected at least $36,000 in food stamps, $90,000 in medical care (Seriously, how in the WORLD did she pull that one off??), and $2,000 from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Even though she was charged back in January, this case is still winding its way through the courts. Either way, it’s truly appalling how many people that truly needed these funds were left out in the cold because of this woman’s dishonesty. Hopefully she is appropriately prosecuted!

33 thoughts on “When I Found Out How Much This Woman Made From Welfare, I Was Totally Floored

  1. Well, our gov’t hands out money and never does any auditing on what is done with that money. Look at the millions that disappeared when the dike broke during Katrina. They never found it and the black mayor was put in jail eventually but is probably out by now. Millions of money disappeared in Puerto Rico and other disasters because our gov’t just hands out taxpayer money and does not check on it or audit it. Blame the gov’t and tell the gov’t to start auditing that “free” taxpayer money.

  2. While this person is butt ugly, I have to say she doesn’t look old enough to have a 133 year old child. While she’s definitely a crook, she has one thing going for her that may well keep her ass out of jail-she’s black and the entire world is roiling right now with indignation about out treatment of blacks. She committed a crime or two, but you know a person’s got to eat-and she has clearly been doing a bunch of that.

  3. Nothing substantial will happen to her. The welfare fraud is into its 7th family generation of lazy freeloaders!

  4. oh come on now, don’t act surprised. This kind of stuff has been going on for years. As long as you have this system that is available you are going to have people around to try and beat the system to get the freebies.

  5. This has been happening since these federal programs started. I worked with a guy who wanted to buy a house He did not have the down payment, so he bragged to everyone that he wnnt to stay with a cousin who worked at the welfare office. He tole the guy to stay with him and have his wife come n a n file papers saying he deserted her and left her with his 5 kids. he only had 3 but the coudin loaned him 2 of his. The wife collected welfard for a year and the guy I worked with would sneak back in the house in the evening and leave early AM. After collecing for nearly a year they had more than enoughtfor the down payment and a new car. That’s your welfare system at work spending your tax Dollars.

  6. I have a story in reverse. I only collect SSI which is $1600.00. My wife was employed with the Federal for years Gov. for 35+ years. However , she had a stroke in 2011nd been a nursing home since. The nursing takes all of her retirement pay which is about 1100.00 per month. I had come to the point after a couple of years I reached out to the DCF of Florida for help. Needless to say they turned me down. Now I only live on the above. There were ladies with 3 or 4 children applying for welfare and I overheard that they would get So much money for each child. None of the mothers were married, They left the office and returned to a man driving a expensive vehicle. I have been declining financially for the last few years. I suppose the fathers live in the house and works. and has an address somewhere else. Why is the welfare not checking on this activity of the people Illegals are also getting funds and I could not get a break to reduce the amount that I had to pay the home The system is unfair to the people that worked for 80 years combined and never received not one thing from the Govt. I am finished venting. We never ever collected unemployment in all the years we worked.

  7. That deserves jail time and work time for no pay. She knew she was doing wrong. She should have to pay back the rest of her life and collect 0 dollars.

  8. Welfare tramp cheating needy people out of care and funds. And she can’t figure why she is being picked on!!

  9. People who have been on welfare for years know how to scam for everything. In fact their social workers actually help them get more money and free services. My brother was married to a disabled woman, he’s passed on, with a mental health problem. The things she could do to get her social worker to give her what she wanted was unbelievable. The social worker was a complete buffoon being taken for a ride. My sister-in-law would go into a state of childish behaviour in front of her social worker and pout like a little kid, the social worker would bend over backwards every time. Between my brother and her they pulled in over $3,000 and never had anything at the end of the month. They could have quite easily bought a condo when they were cheap, but when you don’t work for your money you just waste it. I’ve seen their friends do the same thing and welfare seems like a perpetual state. Welfare is not a career option, but some people scam welfare for hundreds of thousands of dollars. There was one fellow who went from province to province scamming welfare at the same time. He would pick up his cheque in one province and cash it, then move along to several other provinces every month, he used fake addresses where it was easy to pick up the cheques. Minority immigrants and Indians can be said to be among the best welfare scam artists using multiple addresses. Welfare most of the time won’t check out minorities out of fear they will be called racists, which gives them an easy time to get hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Politicians can among the worst criminals who scam welfare or state funding to get counsel housing on the cheap. Imagine a politician making over $250k a year and putting in for cheap housing? It’s most amazing because it’s usually socialist politicians who take advantage of loop holes in the system, some of them they made for themselves.

  10. This lady should be made to pay back every dollar, adjusted for inflation, and with interest. That’s the only way to really punish a loser like this (Of course, then we’ll have to check which charity of social program she’s bamboozeling to get the money).

  11. The thing about this case. If you go back many years, Nicky Barnes was found out because his wife was on welfare, driving to the welfare office in minks and expensive items. Nicky was a crime boss and his wife….Good welfare system gone bad.

    In New York City, another crime boss told the Muslim women to open two cases. one wearing headcarf and another without.

  12. When they drive up in a new custom van wearing expensive clothes and pay with an EBT card, there’s definitely something wrong. Clerks should be able to call in and report the transaction.

  13. She is probably only one of hundreds of thousands.
    Welfare was supposed to be temporary assistance but became a way of life.
    Since the 1960’s, it has actually kept black families in poverty.
    Unintended consequences caused by liberals were the destruction of the Black family.
    Men were no longer allowed to be part of their family if the welfare queens wanted to collect money, so no marriage and no need for men to work and support their families.
    More children, more money, and less supervision so the kids roamed the streets.
    Just one more stupid liberal Democrat failure to society.

  14. When welfare was transferred from the local county to the Federal government the check on who really needs it vanished.

  15. WTF…I personally turned one of these scam artist it but the money they received did not reach a $$ threshold that warranted the investigators time.

  16. I heard that when she was asked WHY she defrauded the country and the taxpayers she replied: “How else was I supposed to get the money to live on?”

  17. Welfare, for the most part, could be categorized as reparations to undeserving frauds. Money stolen from taxpayers who earned it by actually working and contributing to the tax structure whether they chose to or not, and made available to non-working persons by Lyndon Johnson and the democrat party. No follow-ups required as to eligibility. No monitoring, no re-qualifying. And apparently, no low calorie diet required. “If a man will not work, he will not eat”.

  18. Well, we parked to a lady who drove up in a Cadillac and a fur coat. She got and proceeded to go into the grocery store where she just happened to be in front of me. She pulled out her Welfare card so she could pay for her groceries and was very chatty to the cashier. A lot of these people are laughing at us and receiving monies that they are NOT entitled to and, of course, we, the citizens allow it. It is part of our crazy society that now wants to defund police. Also I worked in a doctor’s office where Medicaid patients would come in and have their tattoos, nails painted, leather books and jacket; things that I couldn’t afford. Something as gone awry somewhere.

  19. We whites have the “Privilege” of supporting her and her fake kids….that is what “white privilege” REALLY is

  20. No accountability by the government. Who do you fire. Your representative or Senator?
    Try both. Let them go jobless and apply for welfare. If the legislators were held accountable they would be more careful about their legislation.


  22. The likes of her be it White ,Black or Brown must be punished severely. No benefits must be payed without investigation .

  23. How did she pull it off, simple. Everything the government touches turns to sh.t. Everything. I remember reading the Navy Times in 1964 and the waste was literally mind boggling. Nothing has changed except our computers can catch anything except welfare rats and Al Sharpton. What does he owe, $3.8 million. In the case of this woman, it is the tip of the iceberg. Guaranteed these penurious lawmakers sure don’t spend money like this at home. On the contrary. As long as it isn’t their money. Twenty years from now, nothing will have changed except the printing presses and the hyper inflation will be putting this country back to 1929.

  24. Jail time for this leech! What a piece of shit! To much graft and corruption in welfare. To bad the government couldn’t care less because it’s not their money. How f::ken long it took to figure out the Social Security numbers when those should have been done the first month. The person in charge of vetting this leech should be lose their job. Nuff said!

  25. There are way too many BLACKS that are fraudulently on Government assistance, some for many decades. If they’re legal OK, but way too many are not, and our government still gives[ to them in overabundance. This needs to be stopped.

  26. She needs to spend about 20 years in jail, and while there, if this State allows it, work on chain gang out along the roads with armed guards looking over her. She deserves nothing less.

  27. Having worked security at grocery stores, I have seen fraud many times. I have seen a woman buy a basket of crab legs, steaks, briskets and pay for it with a Lone Star card. Then pay for her second basket full of beer and wine with an American Express Black card, before walking out to her new Escalade leaving the bagger to fight with two carts. I have seen people bring three baskets of coke products up, when the items are on sale and pay with a Lone Star only to find they own a convenience store down the block. This is not new and will continue as long as there is no requirement to work.

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