Fake It Until You Make It: Positve Body Advocate Shows How Women Can Appear Skinny With Certain Tights and Various Poses

Milly Smith is a body positive advocate, and she has been on a serious mission for the better part of this year. In short, she wants to show everyone just deceptive pictures on social media can be.

To that end, she placed two Instagram photos of herself side-by-side. Now, Milly Smith is only 23, but it still showed that pictures can be deceptive. First of all, the body-positive activist utilized control-top weights to get her message across. In the first picture, she placed the weights near her waist and yanked them up; this picture showed a gap in her thigh and a flat stomach.

However, in the second picture, she pulled the tights down, and it indicated a stomach that wasn’t quite as flat. What was the point she was trying to make?

She was trying to show how our perceptions of true beauty are blinded, and how it only takes five seconds to take one picture and change it into another, not-so-flattering portrait. She captioned these photos with these words: “This is the same girl at the exact time and the exact place. This isn’t a promotion for a diet company, nor is it a second location. People would find me less attractive with just a five-second pose switch.”

While there is no question that Milly Smith is sharing an extremely positive message, she also is very up-front about the fact that she is no saint. She has been very vocal about the fact that she has struggled with anorexia, binge eating, and depression for many years. Additionally, she confesses that these photos were just as much for her own benefit as they were for anyone else. In a word, they were therapeutic.

“It helps my mind immensely,” she said. “I have had some serious body dysmorphia over the years, and these pictures have helped me rationalize these negative thoughts.” Many individuals are applauding her for the brave stand she is taking, especially those who have gone through the extremely toxic ordeal of body shaming.

Needless to say, this post was very popular, getting over 59,000 likes in just a 48-hour period.

“Fake images bombard us on a daily basis,” she said during an Us Weekly interview. “We see them so much that there are times where we literally forget what real bodies look like.”

Indeed, her self-esteem has gone through the roof in the three months after posting these photos. She said these body comparison shots were even better than many hours of therapy.

Kudos to Milly Smith for taking this brave stand to remind all of us just how real bodies look like!

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