WWII Veteran Discovers That His Long-Lost Wartime Lover is Still Alive

WWII veteran Kara Troy Robbins never forgot his first love, a woman he met while he was in the French front of the war. Her name was Jeanine Pierson (nee Ganaye) and even though Robbins is now in his late nineties and married someone and is now widowed, he has carried her picture with him all these years.

Ironically, Robbins was looking for someone to do his laundry when he met Pierson, and the two had a whirlwind courtship over the next two months. Unfortunately, Private Robbins was transferred to another front in the war and eventually went back to the United States, never knowing what happened to his first love.

Pierson spoke to Eurovision about the couple parting ways. “When he left in the truck, I was very sad. Of course I cried. I knew we would lose touch and he would probably go back to America. I wish he would have stayed.”

When Robbins eventually returned to France as a nonagenerian widower, he thought he would try to find her and see if she was still alive. He talked to some French journalists, and they did a diligent search for Robbins’ old girlfiend. They knew it would be a challenge because she would have been 92.

After running down various leads, they finally tracked down Jeannine. Robbins and Jeannine had a joyous reunion filled with hugs, kisses, love and lots of reminscing and laughter. They once again parted after a few hours and Kara Troy Robbins returned home to America once again.

UPDATE: Apparently, a Las Vegas businessman was so impressed with this original story that he wants to pay to have Jeannine come to Robbins’ home state of Mississippi. I guess true love will always find a way!

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