Woman Kept Her Miscarried Fetus in Her Fridge in Order To Make a Point

As a born-again Christian, Missouri native Sharran Sutherland knows that there are times where she has to take a stand for her faith. As a conservative, pro-life evangelical Christian and a mother of 11, there are also times where she will take an unorthodox approach to prove her personal views.

Such is the case with the abortion debate, and be aware that her particular approach to this issue has gained her some fans but also quite a few enemies. As such, some might find the rest of this story a bit disturbing, so be aware of that.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Sutherland recently went through a failed pregnancy, and her unborn child was miscarried at about 14 weeks along. She wanted to make a personal statement about her strong opinion regarding the abortion issue, and so she posted a message on social media that some might find disturbing:

“I delivered our little boy Miran J. Sutherland at 2:02 P.M. on April 23, 2018,” she wrote. “I was just about only 15 weeks along in the pregnancy, but I was informed that his little heart had stopped beating during the 13-week mark. I was able to hold the baby and I had some very painful discussions with our local funeral director. They let me hold my deceased unborn child and take pictures, and we planned to burry him (sic) on our property.”

“We decided against doing that,” she continued. “Instead, we decided to buy him in a flower pot and plant flowers around him so that we could take him with us if we ever moved. I didn’t have all of the materials I needed, so I placed my unborn child in a saline solution in a pot and stamped Psalm 139:13 on it and placed it in the fridge.”

She concluded her story by making this statement: “The doctor said we could dispose of it as medical waste or call a funeral home. I was very angered by this, to say the least. How could they deny my baby’s humanity like this? He was a perfectly formed baby!”

To make a long story short, she decided to keep the unborn child in her refrigerator for a short period of time to prove to others that yes, in her mind this was indeed an unborn child and not a fetus. “If this convinces just one person to reconsider getting an abotion, then this action served its purpose.”

Of course, she got some very mixed responses when she brought this up on social media, with some individuals even using getting angry and cursing her out.

Either way, what do you think? Was this a good statement to make, or did Sharran Sutherland go overboard? Let us know!

One thought on “Woman Kept Her Miscarried Fetus in Her Fridge in Order To Make a Point

  1. I think you missed the point she was making. Every baby is more than just a fetus. They are HUMAN BEINGS! When they die, it’s not just their bodies dying, it’s their very being, and that has a significant impact on everyone. An abortion is not just material, it’s A BABY that’s being MURDERED!!

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