An Ohio Strip Club is Offering Free Couches, But There is One Catch

Are you a Toledo, OH resident who is looking for a free couch? Well, you just might be in luck, but there is going to be a catch. It seems there is a Toledo-based strip club who is giving away their couches, but they do have a disclaimer before you back up your truck and take a few of them off their hands…

It seems that this strip club has done really well over the past few years, and that is part of the reason that they want to get rid of their old couches. However, as any other good business people would do, the owners of this strip club realize that honesty is the best policy, even when it comes to just giving away old furniture.

That is why they cannot give away these sofas, couches, and chairs without being upfront about one particular fact: simply put, this furniture might have certain old bodily fluids on them.

This Toledo-based strip club is called Scarlett’s Cabaret, and they are taking the opportunity during this difficult time to unload these old couches simply because of the fact they have a 3.5 rating online and several customers have complained about this furniture.

The other reason this club is giving away these couches is because they had a fire last month and they are remodeling. Needless to say, they are ready for a fresh start, and it’s simply a business decision to let someone else have these pieces of furniture.

The club has indeed has mixed reviews in the past. One online poster wrote, “fun place. Plenty of pretty girls.” On the other hand, someone else who gave the club a one rating wrote this: “One of the worst titty bars in the country. Yes, it was Saturday at 7 P.M., so I was probably seeing the bottom of the barrel anyway, but there was no cover. Probably should save your money and go somewere else.”

Of course, another poster said they were “dragged there by a co-worker” but that they were “pleasantly surprised.” I guess this club is a bit hit-and-miss. I suppose that’s why they are going to buy new furniture after this pandemic is over with!

So, if you’re in the Toledo area and you want some free furniture, you could possibly go here. Just be aware that this strip club can’t fully the condition of their couches and sofas, if you know what I mean. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a good carpet shampooer? Either way, this furniture is yours for the taking, compliments of Scarlett’s Cabaret in Toledo.

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