Farmer Turned Down By Government Because of His “Offensive” Address

Georgia cattle farmer Gene King has always been someone who likes to get things done. Of course, he thought he had dotted all of his i’s and crossed all of his t’s when he applied for a special opportunity from Uncle Sam. However, unfortunately, things didn’t go well with his application for one very odd reason: you see, Mr. King has an address that the federal government deems to be too offensive for him to get his special permit. You see, Mr. King wasn’t initially able to get a special interstate transport license because his town made the individual reviewing the application blush and they slapped down the reject stamp. 


You see, Gene King is a proud resident of Gay, Georgia. And no, the name doesn’t mean what you think it means. Frankly, that’s probably why Mr. King doesn’t have a problem with living in Gay and doesn’t think you need to have a problem either living in it or visiting it either. 


For your information, Gay, GA got its name because it was named after a former postmaster named William F. Gay who lived in the remote area in the 1880s. Even though the name only has just over 80 residents as of the 2010 census, and is in Meriwether County, Georgia, it certainly wasn’t meant to contain a description for someone’s sexual orientation. Of course, for a time the town was also called “Sasserville”, so it’s possible that there is more history to this than one might think. However, Gene King will still defend his tiny little hamlet. 


“Nobody has a problem with being in Gay, Georgia,” King said in an interview. 


“I don’t have a problem living in the town. But apparently, the USDA has a big problem with Gay, Georgia.” 


Of course, there is no question that Mr. King is proud to be a Gay farmer, but he definitely will be the first to admit that it can be funny to explain to others just where he comes from. However, things certainly got serious when he couldn’t get his special ID, called a Premises Number, because of the name of his hometown. He was pretty crestfallen, to say the least. 


“The reviewer said that the automated system keeps kicking it out because the name is an offensive word and it simply won’t accept my application because of that one word,” King said. It seems that the USDA has banned the word “Gay” on all of their applications, and no, they won’t make an exception for King even though he has tried to ask. The officials at the USDA even requested that King should lie on the application and simply say he lives in “Bay, GA” instead of “Gay, GA”! 


“I said no, I wouldn’t submit it as Bay instead of Gay. I want to tell the truth and keep it as Gay, Georgia,” Gene King said. “After all, that’s where I live. However, she said, do you want a number or not?” King added when he recalled his conversation with the government employee. 


Of course, the USDA thought they should do some damage control in regards to Mr. King’s predicament, so they issued the following statement: 


“This premises allocation number was originally developed in the early 2000s to be used for the National Animal Identification System. At the time, we had limited technology available, and the program was also fairly contentious. IT developers were a bit disturbed about the possibility of pranksters creating “bad” premises IDs as a way to show there is a problem with the program or the IT systems. Thus, they created a word database of several examples that had bad connotations that would never be allowed in this system.” 


Of course, this all begs the question, what are they going to do with Gene King’s application? Is he going to have to move his farm to somewhere that isn’t Gay (no pun intended)? Should he have to at all? Have your say below!

13 thoughts on “Farmer Turned Down By Government Because of His “Offensive” Address

  1. Well, it figures, incompetent gov’t employees. In the first place why are they picking and choosing words that aren’t allowed on an application. Any application is where a person wants something from the gov’t and try their best to be nice. And the name of a town is the name of the town. Isn’t there a key or way that can be used to change what is written to what is wanted written. All computer systems have ways of making corrections or changes. But, typically, gov’t employees can not think for themselves or learn how to make changes or demand that there shouldn’t be any words to be picked as un-useable like gay as in Gay as a town name or as gay a person with an extreme happy personality, the first and real definition of gay. There wasn’t a telephone or person the employee could use to get the right name of the town on the application. Another gov’t agency that needs to be closed down due to its stupidity.

  2. Time to clean house and get rid of the political correct lame brains that live in these government organizations and feed off the tax payers.

  3. Why have the perverts co-opted a perfectly good meaningful word to sanitize their despicable behavior? “Gay” does NOT mean homosexual so the same sex community should be banned from using that word to mean something it is not. If they want to consort, cohabit with others of the same sex, that is their business but should not try to shove their perversion down other’s (hererosexual) throats (no pun or double entendre intended).

  4. Whatever happened to embracing the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ group equally here in this politically correct Wonderland. ” They must be racists, they must be homophobic, they must be Nazi,” What you Say?
    That is all I ever hear from the MSM (manic subversive media) just trying to be politically correct.

    Aside from all the rant above I personally am embarrassed that we have leadership with cerebral rectumitis.
    Horrible disease. First goes the eye sight, then the sense of smell, then hearing fails, then breathing stops, and last but not least they can no longer speak to call for help. So expires another politically correct moron.

  5. The word “gay” means happy. It is NOT a description of a person’s deviant BEHAVIOR. It does not describe one’s “sexual orientation”.

    The fact the word is in the “City” location of the application shows just how ignorant some people are. I suspect one will find name of cities and people have all sorts of weird names. After all many names are the results of someones occupation and various things related to people. And when one looks at what the names mean in the languages they originated from some people would be offended and others would laugh.

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