Macy’s Will Stop Selling THIS Iconic Product After Pressure From Millennials

As the popularity of internet shopping continues to burst at the seams, there are many well-known stores that are struggling to remain relevant. One example of this would be Macy’s. However, they are now making a move that they hope will help them score some points with their younger shoppers and others who live a vegan lifestyle. Needless to say, this decision is very surprising for the department store chain, to say the least. 


To make a long story short, Macy’s just announced that they will stop selling all fur products by the end of 2021. This includes EVERYTHING, including the stores luxurious $8,000 mink and their $14,000 chinchilla jackets. The store’s CEO wanted his merchandising team to listen to their eco-conscious shoppers and make a positive mark in the world. Will this decision backfire? Only time will tell, of course.


Of course, there are a lot of people who might simply say, “Well, I’ll just buy fur in one of their company-owned franchises, such as Maximilian locations, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s backstages, and others. Unfortunately, this won’t work either, because the Macy’s company is eliminating fur COMPLETELY. Of course, one has to wonder what they are going to sell at their Fur Vaults, but I digress. 


Macy’s decided to join forces with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in order to engage in this merchandising strategy. They sought to do something for the animals of the world, and the nonprofit organization was happy to lend a hand to them. They sought to put an end to animal cruelty and the trouble of animal welfare that they claim happens the world over. 


The CEO and president of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is Kitty Block, and she said the following: “We applaud Macy’s for their forward-thinking vision and their bold stand to make the sale of fur nonexistent by the end of this year.” 


“We know that this view is consistent with the views of countless other marketplace consumers, and we hope that many other retailers will follow suit. We see countless designers, states, and even some major cities taking a stand against the cruel practice of selling fur, so we are encouraged that we are that much closer to ending this unnecessary and barbaric practice.” 


There is no question that Macy’s is being very smug and even downright gloating over this decision to change their ways regarding the sale of fur by the beginning of 2021. 


Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette reported that he has been closely monitoring all of the consumer trends over the past couple of years, and he said that he definitely noted how the marketplace began to turn against the purchase of genuine fur. He said that he has noticed that more and more people are opting for fur alternatives instead of genuine fur, which many are beginning to feel is nothing more than the remains of a dead animal being used as an article of clothing. 


“We have closely watched this over the past two years,” Gennette said. “We have followed consumer trends, and we have listened to our customers and have thoroughly researched alternatives to fur. We have even listened to our colleagues, including those from the Go Green Employee Resource Group. We also have met regularly regarding this topic, and we simply have come to the conclusion that we will no longer be selling real fur at all.” 


There is also no question that Gennette believes he is setting the bar high for all of Macy’s competitors. That is why he also included an urge for other retailers to follow their lead in his statement. He called it a friendly warning, saying that the times were changing. 


Macy’s wrote the following on their website: “We have developed our fur-free policy in conjunction with the Humane Society of the United States, and we also made sure that it was fully aligned with all Fur Free Alliance guidelines. This means that we can allow sheep products that are ethically sourced and also cattle hair and cattle fur. Of course, the sheep fur is referred to as a “sheering” or “sheepskin” product, and the cattle fur is also called either “cowhide” or “calf fur.” 


What do YOU think about Macy’s decision to stop selling fur? Please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Macy’s Will Stop Selling THIS Iconic Product After Pressure From Millennials

  1. It’s their decision so I personally think it’s a good thing to do. Save the poor animals the pain. Next thing Macy’s should do is get rid of those nasty looking mooslim head things as well as any clothing they might have To do w/the mooslims. Just my opinion. I gave up my card several years ago & haven’t shopped there since.

  2. Idiots will rule your life. Everybody is against something. One day there will be nothing.

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