If You Have a Neighbor Who Keeps Putting Irish Spring Soap In Their Yard, Here’s Why

When most people think of Irish Spring soap, they usually think of a soap that is a great way to keep you clean and smelling fresh. Most people don’t associate the soap with anything else, but as it turns out, they definitely should.

Apparently, Irish Spring soap is so strong-smelling that it can ward off herbivores such as deer and rabbits away from your garden. If you cut one of these bars into several pieces and then stuff the pieces in socks and staple them to stakes, the strong smell will keep these critters from getting into the fruits of all of your hard work.

One tell-tale sign that pests might be attacking your garden is if your garden has either damaged leaves or damaged stems. Those rabbits and deer can literally damage your garden beyond repair. They can totally wreck fruits, vegetables, and clovers if they are left unattended.

Of course, the first thing you need to do would be to carefully examine your foliage, particularly at the leaves. One good clue that it is rabbits or deer that are damaging your garden would be in whether the leaves have a clean cut or if the plant has been devoured completely. If this is the case, then it is definitely going to be the deer and rabbits that are the culprit. However, if the leaves on your plants have jagged edges, then the damage to your garden is probably due to insects instead. If you want to keep these pesky mammals at bay, then you should add the Irish Spring soap portions to your garden as a repellent because animals find the smell of it unpleasant and will be more likely to stay away.


1.) Work on the Irish Spring soap bar with a knife, making sure to slice it into half-inch cubes. While this doesn’t have to be exact, you should make sure you have a large amount of small chunks in order to spread them around your garden.

2.) Get some drawstring pouches, and be sure to drop two of the small pieces of soap into these pouches. After you pull the strings tightly closed, tie a knot so the soap remains inside.

3.) With each drawstring pouch, you should staple it to the end of each wooden stake with your staple gun. Place the stake 6 inches into the ground and repeat this process at least 5 to 10 feet apart. Place the stakes in parts of your garden that have thick vegetation or in spots where these pests might frequent.

4.) Monitor the garden for at least a week after that to see if you notice a decrease in damaged or eaten plants. Be aware that the Irish Spring soap you will need depends on the size of your garden, the population of wild animals in the area, and the climate, so you should be prepared to add more stakes as needed.

While this is an effective tool for repelling mice, deer, or rabbit, but it will not repel insect pests. Moreover, it will often not repel the pests completely, but it can definitely reduce the rate of attack.

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