Georgia Restaurant Owner Decides to Take Down Decades-Old Offensive Flag and Banner

As owner of the Georgia-based Buckhead’s OK Cafe, Susan DeRose is used to having to make difficult decisions for her business. Her most recent decision is one that will stick with her for many more years to come. 

She recently decided that she should remove the Georgia banner and flag that had been on one of the main walls of her restaurant for three decades. This particular part of the decor had been called “offensive” over the years, but there hadn’t ever been anything done about it. Until now, that is. 

When she was asked why now, she had a rather quick response: “I thought, ‘Well, it’s just time to go ahead and take it down. I think we should auction it off because it’s definitely something that offends people.’ So, we decided to take the banner and flag and the money made from the auction will go to the police force.'”

Isabel Johnson is a student at Georgia Tech and a leader for Buckhead for Black Lives, and she commented that she was happy to see the flag go. 

“I think it’s the right gesture in the right direction,” she said. “I’m certainly glad to see steps being taken to put some reform in this restaurant and make it just a bit more friendly for all of its customers.” 

Johnson and other members of her chapter marched through Buckhead the day prior to this and interestingly enough they saw yet another sign that was also taken down. It read: “Lives that matter are made with positive purpose.” However, we do digress a bit. 

Getting back to the restaurant flag, there is no question that it has been a center of controversy for many years within this small town. Some of the locals loved it. Yet, at the same time, there were some people who hated it. 

Even though witnesses clapped when the sign was taken down, there were a few members of the local media who also asked DeRose what prompted her to do it now. “I had it up because it meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to me because of what happened in 1964 when women finally got their civil rights. Of course, I now realize that a lot of people don’t agree with that and we were even getting threats of violence. There were some people who have even called with threats of arson. ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘In that case, I had better go ahead and just take it down.'”

However, there are still quite a few people who feel that even this gesture isn’t good enough. One such individual would be former Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort. He not only maintained that he wasn’t satisfied with the move, but that the restaurant owner should apologize for all the years that the sign was up. 

“This sign was nothing more than a calculated move to insult black people, and not just black people, but their allies as well,” he said. “This doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of white folks that even to the very day it was taken down would see it and say, ‘Hold it.’ These restaurant owners are so offensive and have been so calculating for so long that I’m not willing to give them a break just yet.” 

Fort also had a number of things to say about DeRose’s plan to auction the flag off. “We feel like they need to do the right thing regarding this sign and I can’t say I’m convinced that taking the symbol down and giving the money to the police is the right way to go, nor is it the only thing they should consider doing, either.” 

Of course, local Black Lives Matter activist Johnson said she felt that removing the flag was a positive step forward. “I think it’s a good starting gesture for sure,” she said. “Of course, I think a lot more should be done when it comes to reforming how everyone is treated.” 

What do YOU think about this Georgia flag controversy? 

28 thoughts on “Georgia Restaurant Owner Decides to Take Down Decades-Old Offensive Flag and Banner

  1. The Confederate Flag represents the same principles and values as the original U.S. Betsy Ross Flag. Limited Constitutional Federal Government, States Rights, Resistance tom Tyranny, and Christian Values and Principles. It is an international symbol of resistance to tyranny and a symbol of freedom. That is why the Polish Solidarity Movement in 1981 chose it as their symbol of resistance to Russian Communism and that is why it was flying over the Berlin Wall in 1989 when it was being taken down. The Confederate Flag was developed in 1861 when the Southern states seceded from the U.S. A. because of Northern corruption, criminals, tyranny, despotism and dictatorship.

  2. I think this is the most ridiculous issue that removing a flag or a statue is going to make some people feel better. Good bad or indifferent our history will never change; it is our history. The establishment owner thought she was doing the right thing and I applaud her intentions by selling those items and donating the proceeds to the police. But that’s not good enough for some of these Anti Americans, no they say that only a start. If it was my place, I’d change my position and say since you don’t like the gesture for what it was intended, I’d leave things as they are. If you don’t like it don’t patronize my place! I for one would hope everyone of these POS rats that are tearing down statues damaging property and threatening people are found, arrested and jailed for a minimum of 10 years. These pusillanimous punks are only brave when surrounded with their ilk, one on one they are little cry baby’s.

  3. Should have left the flag there, added some extra security cameras,and added one statement. Everyone is welcome, if you feel uncomfortable,you do not have to eat here. If you’re worrying about arson, just rebuild. Never, ever, give in to the mob. I will personally boycott this establishment for their weakness.

  4. The only uninformedIDIOTS that it offends are liberal slaves from the northeast that believe whatever they’re TOLD from FAKE NEWS and commie-Dumycrats ! !

    and the commie censors from this site will surely censor/DELETE this post because of the TRUTH is contains…

  5. The only uninformedIDIOTS that it offends are liberal slaves from the northeast that believe whatever they’re TOLD from FAKE NEWS and commie-Dumycrats ! !

    and the commie censors from this site will surely censor/DELETE this post because of the TRUTH is contains…..
    Commie-censors are like the hitler black-shirts of todays liberal media

  6. I would say that business owner has a right to hang whatever sh wants on her walls and if you don’t like it then don’t visit that restaurant. Why is a fews desires become more important and how is it right to threatened with arson or destruction to someone property how is that okay? If something offends me I just don’t go their I would that person.

  7. how could you cave to stupidity. that is part of history not RACIST… I travel that way 3 – 4 times a year…. I will keep your business in my phone and NEVER COME TO YOUR RESTURANT… I hope your patriots will do the same

  8. Hey Lady get up of your damn knees and stop kissing there ass and remember that flag hadmeaning for a lot of people who was relatives of the young people who died fighting for that flag. Do you think that because you are a butt kisser that it will make a difference to these commie rats? they will still destroy every thing that they think is offiencive just to destroy the American History that they don’t believe in.

  9. It’s just a darn sign. For gosh sakes. People need to get over their selves. You can’t please all the people all the time and you can’t please some of the people anytime. God Bless America and the People who fought to make it great.

  10. Any time that a person does something just to please the crowd you will find out later that this gesture did not mean a thing to them.It just means the next time they say you are doing something that offends them YOU will have to make another change.They will not be satisfied until you give them everything YOU have worked so hard for.

  11. If the customers didn’t like the flag they could go someplace else. I’m offended that they’re offended.

  12. Dumb. Just incredibly dumb. The Democrats have kept the Black population in a perpetual state of dependency for more than 50 years and after $ 25 TRILLION spend by the federal government to ensure that the Democrats could depend on the Black vote, President Trump has closed the income gap between White and Black workers and reduced the unemployment to historically low records and this country is worried about symbols. Maybe there should be less time focused on nonsense and more time spend working on REAL WORK that will improve the lives of the working poor, Black and White, and less time on symbols.

  13. Remember NOOSECAR…NFL..NBA…and the Redskins…….GOOD..effing ..BYE! Another GUTLESS,NUTLESS FRAIDY CAT.

  14. I think its pretty darned BAD! To see this restaurant in Georgia cowtow to the communist party (aka the BLACK LIVES MATTER GOON) is a real disappointment! The BLM goon squad is nothing more than a bunch of terrorist SCUM! Thank you for your consideration

  15. The shittstirrers think by taking down signs, flags, statues, etc. that history will be erased and forgotten. Wrong Skippy! It will NOT change historical facts. And when all the indigenous and ‘black’ icons, names and symbols are eliminated, they will cry ‘racist’ because now there is no recognition or honor to those good people. When will we ever learn that no matter what is done, it is never enough for miserable, stupid, people?!! For safety sake, understand the restaurant owner taking down the banner & flag. Love it that she is giving the money to the police department.

  16. The Confederate flag is vilified because a small percentage (estimated 5-10%) of southerners owned slaves. But if the Civil War was launched to free slaves, Lincoln would have freed slaves in 1861, not in 1863, after firing generals and losing battles, and then only freeing them in “states in rebellion.” Moreover, if the war was fought over slavery, Lincoln could hardly have offered the post of head of the Union Army to Robert E. Lee, scion of a large, slave-owning family from Virginia. Finally, Lincoln offered the Corwin Amendment to entice the South to stay in the Union (to make slavery permanent and irrevocable where it existed). Since the South rejected his enticement, it’s clear that tariffs, not slavery, were the war’s burning issue. Tariffs on southern agricultural resources disproportionately benefited the Union. Lincoln wanted to deport freed slaves- send them to Haiti, Liberia or whatever nation would take them. He wanted an ethnic purge. It’s time for the ignorant to stop blaming the Confederate flag and the Confederacy for racism. It’s not as if slavery didn’t flourish for decades under the Stars ‘n Stripes, long before it briefly flourished under the Southern Cross. Isn’t that why the NFL is being hounded today by anthem kneelers?

  17. Why erase our history? You can’t please everybody all the time.
    In the year 2020 it means nothing. For those thhat it offends – Get Over It.

  18. I have a sticker depicting the old Georgia flag on the rear window of one of my antique cars, I have a ANV battle flag on my belt buckle, my show cars all run ANV battle flag tags out front, and I just bought an ANV flag bandana for face covering. The misnamed confederate flag represents southern pride to me and it’s an in your face protest these days.
    Think I should be ashamed of the flag, think I should remove it, you can kiss my a–
    Keep the rebel flag in NASCAR, get rid of Bubba Wallace. If he does’t adjust his attitude, he won’t be there long anyway.

  19. As a native of the Bear Flag Republic (Calif.), I am offended that some of our public, tax-supported, schools have removed the U.S. Flag from classrooms because they were “offensive” to a few newcomers. And I am offended when streets in Anaheim are blocked by people with beards, wearing towels, and waving flags of Middle Eastern and African countries.

  20. I specifically went out and bought a REAL Georgia flag like this when Sonny Perdue screwed all Georgians by running on the premise we could vote on our flag, then switched it to ONLY these flags and not the one we already had. I wouldn’t give you a penny for that liar and I am now under the understanding he is destroying our American agriculture. Not surprised.

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