Who Would’ve Thought? Putting Pickles in Your Cheap Beer Will Make it Taste Better

It’s time for a bit of honesty here. If you’re like most of us, then chances are you’ve went through a phase where whether you like it or not, you were forced to drink some beer that was, to put it kindly, sort of cheap. It could mean that you were someone who lived on Natural Ice in your college days, or maybe you would occasionally purchase a case of Busch when those paychecks are not quite going as far as you would like. Trust me, when you have to try to live on a writer’s salary and you have a family that likes to be comfortable, I know the feeling all too well. However, if this describes you, then take heart: a good friend of mine told me about a hack that will help you change some of those frustrating beer feelings. 

I’ll just cut to the chase here: the next time you have to imbibe some less-than-perfect beer, all you have to do is add some pickles to it and it will perk the taste right up! You will have a much higher-quality beverage, and all you will have to do is raid your refrigerator for some pickles! 

Of course, if you’re still a tad bit apprehensive about placing pickles in your beer, don’t fret. You’re not the only one. However, even though it might not seem like a great idea to you or anyone that you know, trust us, this idea is certainly a keeper. Whatever rumor you have heard about this being a potential disaster, trust us, we will dispel it. It absolutely works to place a pickle in your inexpensive light beer. After you do it, it is very likely that you will swear by it. 

Of course, this hack might be new to you and me, but it’s not a brand new idea to Esquire readers. Many of them remember all too well about a piece that one Joe McClure wrote about this that fully analyzed this idea way back in 2017. Indeed, the man even had some scientific reasoning behind why this has a tendency to happen. He wrote that it was the same reason why pretzels and french fries also taste great along with your favorite can of cheap beer. Simply put, the salt and vinegar combination will complement each other very nicely; it’s literally a match made in heaven! 

Of course, we do need to give out a bit of a word to the wise here: putting that pickle in a high-quality stout beer such as an IPA brand or a stout option isn’t going to work out so well. Make sure you go with only the cheapest beers on the market. Going with Pabst Blue Ribbon could definitely be one option for you to try out this pickle-in-beer concoction. 

You also should be aware that about immediately after you add the pickle, this beer is going to be fizzing and foaming a good deal before you can start drinking it. 

So, the next time you’re headed to your house after a hard day of week or after doing some hard work in your backyard or garden, don’t hesitate to give this hack a try if the only beer you have left are the cheap ones. After you use up those extra pickles, feel free to let us know what you thought of this unique combination! 


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