Teacher Canned After Accidentally Sending THESE Texts to Parent About Her Student

Tiffany Lynn Elfstron is one upset parent, and with good reason. She was recently on the phone with one of her son’s teachers, but something very strange was going with the phone at the same time…

Apparently, while she was on the phone with her son’s teacher, she was also inadvertently receiving some very insulting text messages. Considering that Tiffany Lynn Elfstron always multitasked anyway, she put the phone on speaker so she could read the messages.

What she saw made her heart sank.

The messages were from that same teacher, and they read in part: “This lil mother f—er is crying like a baby for mommy because he wants to go home. Omg I just want to omggggggg pull all my damn hair out.”

It didn’t take long for Ms. Elfstron to determine what was going on. It appeared that the teacher was trying to text SOMEONE ELSE about her son but was accidentally sending the texts TO HER.

“I was heartbroken and saddened,” Tiffany Elfstron said. “And I still am.”

13-year-old Jayden Elfstron is Tiffany’s son, and he is currently a student at Levi Fry Intermediate School. He has been diagnosed with autism, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other mental health concerns. Thus, he is in a special needs class at the school.

The saddest part about this whole situation is that this shouldn’t have been an issue of burn-out either. The teacher in question has an autistic student herself, so she should have been well-versed in how to interact with autistic kids. Such wasn’t the case, however.

On the other hand, Ms. Elfstron takes being an advocate for her son very seriously. She immediately went to the school district main office and discussed the matter with the assistant principal. He was just as appalled as she was, and the teacher who insulted Tiffany Elfstron’s son was promptly relieved of her duties.

The school district released a statement regarding the incident. “This teacher admitted that she sent the text. She was intending to send it to someone else. Nevertheless, we feel this incident doesn’t represent the character of the individuals we want teaching our students. Thus, this teacher is no longer under contract with our district.”

A substitute is now teaching Jayden’s class, and he is much happier.

What do you think about this incident and how it was handled?

14 thoughts on “Teacher Canned After Accidentally Sending THESE Texts to Parent About Her Student

  1. This is just another reason why I feel that Silly Phones are more trouble than they’re worth. If you consider all the nonsense that goes on with them, it will be apparent that they are just modern day CBs. Sure people will say that they have a value, but just like CB, if people do not have to demonstrate that they are competent in their use, they should not be using them.

  2. I don’t agree with teacher being fired. I’m sure the mother has days like the teacher did. How many students? How many sides of paras? There are days when you need more breaks than others and those with special ed classes need more “mental health” days. I was a teacher’s aide and substitute teacher for ten years. I’ve subbed in special ed classes. It’s not easy.

  3. Anothe complete Idiot story, they are among us, your never far from one and they are dangerous to themselves and others.

  4. I think the mother handled it just right. She took it to assistant principal and that person reacted correctly. If you can’t handle kids with disabilities then do not become a teacher for them. It takes lots of patience to deal with these children. Good for the mother and her son. Nuff said!

  5. I give the Mother a thumbs up by going to school, I give the school district an A+ for immediately taking care of the situation in the correct way. i was a teacher and this type of conduct from a teacher gives the rest in the profession a bad name. (Just like a bad cop gives all cops a bad name if people don’t realize it’s just ONE bad cop, not all of them!!)

  6. Being relieved of her duties wasn’t enough. She should have lost her certificate to teach in that state and the state that pulled her certificate should notify anywhere else she may try to teach the incident that occurred. She has no business being a teacher.

  7. I believe that it was handled exactly as it should have been and evidently very quickly. We do not need any psychotic teachers in the class room with our children.

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