Offensive? Is This Preschooler’s Playset Too Elitist?

It seems that one of the most common phrases I heard when I was growing up was the idea of “Keeping up with the Joneses.” That is, the whole idea that each and every family is in competition with another in regards to how big their house is, how well-dressed they are, how good their jobs are, and a litany of other things. Now, it seems that this frame of mind has now lended itself to preschoolers toys! Indeed, some families are crying foul at a new play-set for preschoolers and decrying it as offensively elitist.

It seems that Fisher Price has come out with a new charcuterie play board set, and there are some parents who are not happy about it. First of all, this set features snacks for two, and nothing seems too wrong about it. It will help your preschooler learn about different food items and assist them with their fine motor skills. Nothing wrong with that either. 

The set allows your preschooler to not only use fake grapes, but to also be able to cut genoa salami with a fake knife. They also can spread fake cheese on their fake crackers. Of course, proponents of this playset claim it is perfect for those who love to entertain and as a way to liven up play dates. 

Presently, this toy set is selling on Amazon for $14. Yes, that is a bargain-basement price for those who want their kids to look good and to give them a head start on an elevated sense of self. Moreover, this set also has some very unique phrases to go along with the revelry. Examples include remarks that some might find kitschy, such as “you’re grape” and “let it brie.” The set will also often include a cutting board and even miniature fake marble plates!

Different strokes for different folks I suppose, but the comment section regarding this toy set hasn’t been too kind, to say the least. 

“This is the most bougie (concern for wealth and respectability) toy I’ve ever seen!” one person commented. “What the heck is going on with children’s toys?” another person wrote. 

Of course, although this toy does have its share of critics, the pretend food set also has plenty of supporters, who feel this is a very “interesting” new type of toy. For example, Louisville columnist Maggie Menderski tweeted: “I can’t say I’m sure why this toy is getting so much flak. The ability to make a good cheese tray is an important hosting and social skill.” 

Of course, Fisher-Price weighed in on their latest children’s toy creation, stating that it was perfect for “little foodies, because they will love to indulge in fancy snacking fun. They will enjoy the delicious hands-on play and the unique pretend salami pieces that kids can slice. They also will enjoy the fake grapes, the plates and the napkins. This is perfect for any play dinner party!” 

Of course, the parents who have purchased this play set for their children are very impressed. “I just love how great the quality is and how it doesn’t look cheesy at all!” one parent wrote for their Amazon review. 

I guess these parents are well on their way to having the next bumper crop of Ivy league graduates and doctors and lawyers. 

Either way, do you think this toy goes too far? Do you think this toy is good for modern children? Let us know in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Offensive? Is This Preschooler’s Playset Too Elitist?

  1. Children often imitate their parents so this is just a toy to make it easier in the food environment.

  2. People it is high time that certain individuals get over themselves. Children are children, they mimic their parents and siblings and others about them. I find nothing offensive about that play set, it is a good teaching tool.

  3. Par for the course in my opinion. Unfortunately a great many arrogant, adult, and aristocratic elite have made it rather obvious that this nation needs a caste system, or, lower class, middle class, and upper class governmental program that puts each person in a particular social and monetary class. The latest “leader of the upper class” has made it abundantly clear the ones who don’t vote a certain way, should be considered “deplorable”. Apparently that leader was so immersed in her own importance, she casually placed those deplorables in a basket. Based on the electoral “vote count” that has been used in a few elections, the popular vote was a few thousand more than the winning candidate electoral votes. A GREAT margin, I might add. In addition to LOSING, the SMALL mind of the loser was so tiny, she felt she could dump all 63 million(304) electoral votes in a basket. Small minds are occasionally lost when realization sets in. As for the toys to indicate the “stratosphere” of the ” so called priviladged “” why not allow your children, at a very early age, to educate themselves in the commoner, the serf or the peasant category. That way they will get a headstart on the bullying process, or “buying” a child’s way into the prestigeous colleges, nevermind their abilities, only of their loftier position in the pecking order of society. Notice the “split” already forming in Great Britain with Megan and Phillip? You are not deserving enough to “mingle” with “The Queen” Only after ” toeing the mark” will one be accepted into the ” halls of the NON deplorables. Rebellions have exploded inside certain societies when ” power over the people” is garnered by a particular group of heartless overacheivers, who believe it is beneath them to stand in line, wait your turn, launch your boat, pass your entrance exam, engage in “backbreaking work” or even begin to understand the plight of man.

  4. A kid can be Superman or a princess, an Indian warrior, a cowboy, a nurse – but fake brie, grapes and salami are – what – dangerous to their psyche?

  5. I guess some people never used crackers and sausage with their kids or grandkids? It has been in our home for generations as part of a healthy snack… I like it …great toy.

  6. It is a great toy! So sick of idiots finding fault with EVERYTHING!! Learning basics about food serving is fine. Why not?

  7. Dungeon and Dragon and it now Playset for the Elitist. American family is doom. Common sense is gone.

  8. It is amazing that with all the insanity over the Wuhan flu and the lunatic fringe rioting , burning and looting, that some will get their panties in a bunch over a toy or am I missing something?

  9. This is what happens when we say that their is no God (Unconditional Love) and we become our own false god.

  10. If all parents explain to their children what the foods are, I think that anyone could learn how to use them. It might open up new experiences for some children!

  11. I think that a toy that teaches kids social skills is a great Idea. I know that without parental supervision it could have it false; but, why not teach them now. They can ask questions before you feel embarrass years down the row.

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