After Police Find a Bloodied Boy in Mall, They Discover Something HIDEOUSLY WRONG When He Turns Around

After their son was found brutally beaten and all bloodied up at the mall, two young Florida parents were arrested and charged with child neglect and abuse.

After authorities were called to a Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store at a local mall, they immediately realized they were dealing with a child abuse case. The boy had been severely beaten, and it didn’t for them to get Mariano Pinar, the boy’s father, to crack from his nervous demeanor and finally admit that yes, he had beaten his son with a belt. He said his reason for beating the boy was that he was talking too much.

Well, the boy turned around and of the first red flags that the authorities noticed was the worst one: the kid actually had some very severe cavities in his mouth, which indicates that he not only was beaten, but that he wasn’t even getting his basic needs met either.

To make matters worse, authorities also noticed that the boy had a morbidly huge welt on his back along with a very deep scar on the back of his head. Additionally, as the police officers were talking to the parents, the boy seemed very nervous, antsy and scared to talk.

“Well, mom’s the bad one. The only one who hit me today was Dad,” the boy reportedly said in the arrest report.

“It was very disturbing, to say the least,” Police Chief Placido Diaz said to the Mommy Page. “It was so unfortunate what they did to this kid. He was so severely abused that he had visible injuries and was bleeding terribly.”

Indeed, the boy seemed to have been beaten so badly that this story went viral very quickly. Many wanted the parents to have the book thrown at them.

“It’s a good thing someone called the authorities. Hopefully, the parents got beat with a belt themselves when they were arrested. They need to rot in prison. My thoughts and prayers are with this boy and I hope he finds someone that truly loves him,” one Newsiosity reader commented on a Facebook page.

“What I would do to love him and take good care of him for a long time. There are many parents who still hit their children. A lot of poor and uneducated parents will largely still use physical and verbal abuse on their children. Poor sweet boy! I hope and pray he finds caring parents to adopt him. This is so wrong! Jesus, please place your loving arms around him,” another person commented.

One can only hope this little boy is in a much better place now.

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