65-Year-Old Man Takes Photos With His 12-Year-Old Bride, and Then People Start Noticing

It seems there were some newlyweds in Times Square, much like many other couples are wont to go. However, many passersby immediately realized that there was something wrong about this particular newly-married couple. 

You see, in this case, the “groom” was a 65-year-old man and his “bride” was nothing more than a 12-year-old girl. Moreover, the groom had a big smile on his face, but the bride appeared to be frowning. In fact, she didn’t appear to be happy about the situation at all. 

The man and his much-younger bride posed in various parts of the square, and it didn’t take long for certain people to start noticing the odd event. First of all, one woman asked the girl, “Where is your mom?” The little girl did not comment, but the man answered for her instead, simply saying that the girl’s parents gave him permission to marry her. The woman became just a little bit irate, asserting that “You’ve got to be kidding me!” 

There was yet another interesting encounter between the bride and groom and a young man. To make a long story short, this young man simply wasn’t buying this arrangement at all. First of all, he questioned how old the girl was, and then he proceeded to question the whole thing. 

“This is B.S.! This is not right! I’m sure if we called the police, you’d get locked up!” the man shouted. The man attempted to approach the unusual couple, but the “groom” quickly brushed him aside, saying they had brought along some security to ensure their safety. 

Finally, there was another woman who took it a step further. She actually tried to take the 12-year-old girl’s hand and take her away from her alleged much-older husband. However, the old man refused to let her go, even though the woman was repeatedly asking whether the little girl even wanted to be there in the first place. 

Although this might seem like one of the most disturbing stories ever shared on this blog, there is a happy ending to this story. First of all, it’s important to note that this wasn’t a real marriage between a 65-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl; they were just acting out a part. Secondly, this was just a social experiment done by YouTube celebrity Cody Persin to highlight the fact that child marriages are legal in 91 countries across the globe and even in a few parts of the United States. 

Simply put, he did this to raise awareness about how girls right around this age are robbed of their childhood and married off to much older individuals throughout the globe. Indeed, in some places, the children are as young as six. It is definitely something that should not be taking place in the 21st Century. 

What did you think about this social experiment? Was it effective at raising awareness of this worldwide social problem?


62 thoughts on “65-Year-Old Man Takes Photos With His 12-Year-Old Bride, and Then People Start Noticing

  1. I’ll bet if you put him or other ( Real ones) and PPV and had the shot…this would not be accepted as a good option for very long….and gave the PPV revenues to the family…..

  2. This is a MUSLIM thing,ugly old bastards killing their “brides” with destroying their vagina and bleeding to death

  3. this is done in the islamic muslim community. it is in the quran. that men can marry even a 1 year old. of course they don’t consumate until shes around 9. because allah said it was ok. that why we don’t need these people in our country. it is a disgrace.

  4. The article is worth reading and thinking about. And when one takes to the time to learn history these types of marriages are allowed and promoted in countries under the rule of the Islam theocracy.

  5. NO MATTER WHERE IT IS ## {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ IT IS EVIL }}}}}}}}}}}}}} & SHOULD BE STOPED DON’T YOU THINK ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. We should be very careful going forward because a huge amount of the other part of this global society is flat insane. Anyone marrying off their children are not of sane mind. They won’t be saved any time soon and our trying to is a joke. A global Society is not possible without a lot of people being very hurt. It won’t work!

  7. Well, I certainly thought it was disgusting. Unbelievable that it’s legal in some parts of our country, America. Outrageous that it’s legal anywhere in this world. This just made me sick to my stomach. Please, someone do something to save these poor innocent little girls.

  8. I am assuming this was done in the U.S. and I would like to know what states this is legal, not where I live.
    I am also wondering if the police were called because where is the proof the man was telling the truth that it was planned and he and the girl were not really married. I mean there are sex trades in this country where the sex traders are so brazen they take girls on airplanes to get the girls to a customer and only once did a stewardess catch the situation and report it. And 12 year old girls with a strange man would do as the man says to save their parents from being killed as the kidnappers tell them or that the parents gave her away because the parents didn’t want the kid any more. Kidnappers know how to control kids.

  9. I LOVE that maybe FINALLY people around the world are WAKING UP to how WRONG PEDOPHILIA IS!!!!
    These aren’t “sick” people, but EVIL!!!! SATANIC is another word that comes to mind… It’s WAY PAST TIME to PURGE this EVIL from the EARTH… I say ANYONE who MESSES with CHILDREN is DEAD MEAT… they can NOT be rehabilitated, so putting them in prison isn’t enough… example: in today’s crazy world, they are EMPTYING the PRISONS due to “virus”!!?!?!?!? How many children are again being sexually ABUSED by REPEAT, CONVICTED PERVERTS???? EXECUTION is the ONLY ANSWER… Sex-Trafficking Children???

  10. As with the TV show “What Would You Do?”, somebody is going to get shot if these type of events keep being arranged. They are more dangerous than the people running them realize. All it takes is one person who is a little off and it will happen. I pray it doesn’t as the lesson this teaching is good, but dangerous.

  11. Makes me think there’s some hope yet for humanity. That people stood up and said “No, I’m not going to let this happen” is a good thing.

  12. GREAT wakeup call for the morose and inactive public. We are basically naive to these problems.
    Should do more of this until there is an awakening …. jwstx

    1. I reread this article again just to get another laugh at the responses in the story AND look at the reality of the situation and the IGNORANCE of the general public.

  13. I hope this does bring awareness to this awful problem, these children shouldn’t have to go through this it’s disgusting, these old men should be ashamed of themselves.

  14. My opinion of the story? I’m angry I was pranked by a fake story and set-up. The first half of the story is false, and known to be false — intentionally false — by the writers.
    Stories like this is why confidence in the media — especially the internet — is near zero. “Fool me once . . .”

    It is everywhere — shocking headlines followed by a story that show the headline is not only misleading, but bogus.

    “Trump resignation shocker! White House Reeling!”
    Followed by a story about how a minor Trump staffer resigned her position because she is expecting her first child, and on her last day, the staff gave her a surprise party and wished her well.

    “Ginsburg Death Announcement! SCOTUS Shocked!”
    Followed by a story about one of the Justice’s cats that died of old age.

    Haven’t you all ever read the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf? I increasingly just ignore the whole headline hook thing altogether.

  15. Social change involves Information, accepting, and convenience to action. It is natural/normal human behavior to simply ignore reality. If God were to speak to all people on earth at the same time,, in their own language there would be millions who would simply not believe. Social change is very difficult – and slow. X Y, Sonoran desert Richard

  16. Yes it was! people who want sex with children can get married to a child and do as they please with them. This should never happen! “And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his heck (Mark 9:42).

  17. I have heard of this disturbing and discusting practice in the Middle East. I saw pictures mass marriages of children under twelve. There does not seem t be much effort stop this because in many cases it is couched under religion believes.

  18. Hopefully it did raise awareness with regard to this issue. Muslim men are the biggest culprits of this “sin”. This is not a social problem, it is a disgusting realization and act of crime against children. If I ever encounter this action in reality, you can bet I’d call the police first, then do everything in my power to put a stop to an adult man who married a child.

  19. While the experiment was extreme it proved that there are many who aren’t afraid to take a stand.

  20. Leave the children to their innocence so they may grow up to make marriage their decision and not by some perverted monster. Even in prison child molesters are persecuted and often murdered. Se La Vi jwstx

  21. At this time, it seems like WordPress is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog? Great post, however, I was wondering if you could write a little more on this subject?

  22. Actual U.S. History:
    Formally popular Rock ‘n Roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin.
    His Rock ‘n Roll career was soon over.
    He then got involved in Country & Western music. Where else could he go?

  23. Sounds like child sex trafficking to me. Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons have been involved in it for years. I am glad people spoke up.

  24. Where are all of the Human Rights Activist ???? Just like the South Korean treating their entertainers like garbage beating and starving them if they do not perform 100% . The Human Rights Activist are a big joke they only come out when they need publicity and attention . I think it is horrendous that children can be married before the age of 17 much less without any say what is wrong with humanity ?

  25. The chief offender, Islam, wasn’t mentioned in this story even once. Fear of being accused of “hate speech” by the Zukkkerburg mob?

  26. It was effective in reaching me – I kinda still want him in jail! This is bad but what is even worse is all of the child trafficking and pedophilia (sick, sick people) that is occurring in America and every other country on earth. SAVE OUR CHILDREN!

  27. It seemed to be a good experiment to me. It shows how important it is to get involved. also is highlighted the issue of child brides in so many countries.

  28. In order to be appointed to the supreme court it needs to show proof you are an American citizen. Even if there is REAL proof it still would not be acceptable with his corrupt background.

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    65-Year-Old Man Takes Photos With His 12-Year-Old Bride, and Then People Start Noticing

  30. This is all justified in the Qur’an and Hadeth. yet we allow these scum buckets in our country with no penalties given. Kick them out and then we will get rid of soooo many issues . Marriage and pedifile activity is wrong in our country. They however think they are exempted by some fake “higher power”. Put them in prison othen throw them out! Another”thank you” from the Obama admin.

  31. Yes, first thing came to my mind was…Islam! The true pedophile cult! This is disgusting. These men should have their cock and balls chopped off and shoved up their ass! No religion would sanction something so disgusting. Islam isn’t a religion in the first place because a true religion wouldn’t tell its followers to make slaves of, or kill anyone who doesn’t convert to Islam. F:: ken everyone in this cult should be shot!! How in f::ks name can you believe in what this cult is based on??? Nuff said!

  32. This editorial was shocking! I was outraged to find out that child marriages were legal, especially to the extent that it takes place in 91 countries. Moreover, I was even more angry to find that such is even legal in the United States.

  33. I am happy that no one was hurt during this. But, thank you for bring Child Brides to the public eye.

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