Victoria’s Secret Model Faces Severe Backlash After Posing In a Bikini 12 Days After Giving Birth

VIctoria’s Secret model and mother Candice Swanepoel is going on record after she was severely body-shamed after posting pictures both before and after she gave birth to her second child. She received some very hateful comments after posting these pictures, and rather than just ignoring it, she decided to call them out. Good for her! Here is how it all went down:


First of all, Swanepoel posted a picture of her when she was about nine months along, and then she posted a picture of her about twelve days after she had delivered her second child. That’s when the controversy started, and all I can say is people should be ashamed of themselves. 


Noting that she still had a little bit of a tummy, one commenter posted, “Watch out for the whalers, Moby Dick @angelcandices.” Another poster said, “You look horrible and fugly in that bikini with your belly and cellulites! You won’t be getting any more compliments!” 


Two words: oh brother. 


Swanepoel responded by making a post on Instagram. “Here I am 12 days after giving birth to my wonderful son. If you are going to post hateful comments, then do us all a favor and check yourself. We are women, and we have to follow some of the most impossible beauty standards these days. Actually, I am proud to show my postpartum stomach. Are you being so cruel to me because I am a model? Well, we are also regular people, so let me enjoy the beach too without your mean-spirited comments!” 


The next thing that Swanepoel did was post a second picture of her pregnant and dressed in a bikini once again. She wrote, “Why should I have to hide my stomach just because some people have unrealistic standards of women? We have created all life. What can you do? We are all in this together, ladies, please, let’s  be kind to each other.”


There is no question that pregnancy is a difficult thing to go through. Thus, perhaps those who posted nasty comments for this model are just jealous. However, they should be applauding her for being so brave. This is supposed to be the 21st Century folks, let’s start acting like it.


What do you think about this story? Do you agree with Candace? Let us know!

One thought on “Victoria’s Secret Model Faces Severe Backlash After Posing In a Bikini 12 Days After Giving Birth

  1. If the mother wants to post a picture of herself. That is her prerogative
    Go mama go.The trolls can kiss my grits

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