After Two Decades, A Suspect Has Finally Been Announced in the Death of Jonbenet Ramsey

The death of child beauty queen Jon Benet Ramsey on December 25, 1996, in Boulder, Colorado is something that has mystified investigators for twenty years now. However, even though the case has gone cold, investigators continue to try to explore all leads even almost a quarter-century later. 

It seems that a new crime show has uncovered some shocking truths behind this famous (or rather, infamous) murder case, and there is no question that it is going to take a ghastly twist. Apparently, new evidence has come to light that points to Burke Ramsey as being the prime suspect for beating and strangling his little sister to death. 

Of course, a reminder of the events leading up to the case is in order. First of all, Jon Benet’s mother Patricia recalls finding a long, handwritten ransom note from the Ramsey family’s own stationery that demanded the amount of $118,000 for the safe return of Jon Benet. She immediately called 911 after she found the ransom note and reported her child missing. Then, a search was conducted. 

The search would take several hours, but they would ultimately find the little girl in a rarely-used spare bedroom. Although the case has taken many twists and turns (including a very strange ESL teacher named John Mark Karr emerging as a suspect for a time period), the police now have a prime suspect in mind. 

You see, the night that Jon Benet Ramsey passed away, her mother had left out a beverage and some pineapple for her older brother Burke. As the story goes, Burke apparently later caught his little sister stealing his snack, lost his temper, and killed her by accident. 

The ramifications of this are very shocking, indeed. Basically, what this means is that the Ramsey family not only knows more than what they are telling, but that they actually found out that their oldest child killed their youngest child and then, instead of turning him in, they all lied about it and covered it up. 

Although it may seem like one of these wild conspiracy theories that you hear way too often, the story does have some merit to it. First of all, even before this incident, Burke was well-known for his explosive temper. There was an incident just one year prior to this child beauty queen’s death where he hit his sister in the head with a golf club simply because he “lost his temper.” 

Indeed, the family’s account of that terrible night is that they arrived home at around 9:30 or 10:00, they fed their children a late dinner separately, and then everyone went to bed in their separate quarters. Later on, they got Jon Benet up so she could use the restroom so she couldn’t wet the bed. However, it was then that Burke saw something that infuriated him. 

Apparently, the theory goes, Jon Benet started munching on Burke’s earlier snack of pineapples and tea. That made Burke very upset, so he struck Jon Benet in the head with a heavy-duty flashlight, killing her with the impact. 

The former chief investigator for the Boulder District Attorney James Kolar presented his theory of the facts in a recent documentary. “Jon Benet was up, and she might have brushed her teeth because that stuff was out,” Kolar began. “She was probably awake enough that she was still a little bit hungry, so she went downstairs and saw the pineapple and tea that Patsy had shared with Burke earlier. When Burke saw Jon Benet eating his snack, that enraged him, and here we are so many years later.” 

Of course, Burke Ramsey doesn’t agree with this version of events, and he filed a $750 million lawsuit against Kolar, the television story, and the producers of the documentary. 

Do you think that James Kolar’s version of the truth is fairly accurate? Or do you think it couldn’t be further from the truth? Have your say! We would love to hear your opinion on this fascinating (and tragic) story…


18 thoughts on “After Two Decades, A Suspect Has Finally Been Announced in the Death of Jonbenet Ramsey

  1. Don’t believe it for a minute. So you’re trying to make us believe that these parents wrapped that child up in such a manor and took her to the basement. Uh, no.

  2. I always suspected her brother. The parents appeared to be hiding regarding the brother so to avoid him being questioned and putting suspicion on the fact that so many people had keys to the house and anyone could come at anytime. I am a former law enforcement secretary. Truth always prevails

  3. When will the fake news media leave this family alone? I hope Burke wins his lawsuit against our lying decadent propaganda media. Where is the evidence that the family covered up anything? Time for another lawsuit against the media. Also I am fed up with the press using phrases like “child beauty queen.” No she is a child. Child beauty queen is a statement that pedophiles would use. Tell me members of the press, since you use that term, are you proponents of pedophilia?

  4. It sounds absolutely accuyrate, he has an uncontrollable temper, and has proved it over and over again!!!!

  5. Is there enough evidence to prove this allegation? Has Burke been given a lie detector test? Has he has a history of uncontrollable fits of rage outside the family household; such as with classmates, friends, other family members or even strangers? Sibling rivalry comes in different degrees of hostility, but rarely does it invoke hatred so strong that it would prompt one sibling to do mortal harm to another sibling.
    When I watched an interview with Patsy Ramsey before she died of cancer I was curious by the fact that she referred to her daughter many times as “the child” and not by her daughter’s name Jon Benet! That made me wonder about her relationship with her daughter! I believe the dynamics in the Ramsey family was not a normal.

  6. I believe without the kind of proof that would get the kid convicted this story is not only cruel but irresponsible. I hope the kid wins his lawsuit.

  7. I watched the show where they went into this theory – and it all FITS.
    Clearly Patsy Ramsey wrote the ransom note.
    No tracks or footprints around the house in new snow showing anyone arriving or leaving.
    Father found the body on his first try – what a lucky chance that was!
    Many many factors fit into this and Burke Ramsey clearly had some serious emotional issues. His parents tried to protect him from responsibility for what he did to his sister.
    Burke did it.

  8. That story sounds like the most likely tale of what could have happened of all the theories that have been published to date. I would believe it is possible.

  9. I watched Dr. Phil when Burke was on it. By the time it was over I became convinced that he was the one that had killed her.
    This comes as no surphrise to me.

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